Please visit these links for all current updates:

CITY OF TROY: https://troymi.gov/   TROY LIBRARY: https://troypl.org/         
**TROY COMMUNITY CENTER Parks & Rec:  https://rec.troymi.gov/

        TROY SENIOR CITIZENS:   https://rec.troymi.gov/covid-19/index.php

        TROY SCHOOLS (K-12)         https://www.troy.k12.mi.us/

      ELECTION Info: https://troymi.gov/departments/city_clerk/election_information.php

SPECIAL NOTICE:  The use of Wet Wipes has escalated during the pandemic, so we again urge our residents not to flush these wipes.  Most ‘flushable’ wipes are not biodegradable.  Toss wet wipes into your waste baskets; please don’t flush wipes down toilets.  More info:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u-KGEH75_E&feature=youtu.be

2020 Seasonal Tips and Information

YARD WASTE Yard Waste collection starts first Monday in April and runs to mid-December.  It is collected here weekly along with our regular trash pickup on Monday mornings, and must be bagged separately from trash and recycling. Put yard waste into leaf bags (the city will not pick up yard waste in plastic bags) and place at curb by 7 am Monday mornings.  For more info: https://troymi.gov/departments/public_works/refuse_and_recycling/yard_waste.php

  • PARKING – Please park in your garages or driveways, and instruct service vehicles / contractors to avoid blocking mailboxes, especially during ‘project’ season i.e. roofing, siding, deck work, etc.
  • To prevent vandalism or theft, keep garage doors closed when you’re not nearby,  and LOCK cars that are parked in driveways overnight.  
  • All co-owners and renters should carry home insurance covering their personal belongings including furniture, fixtures, flooring, rugs, wallpaper and any other personal property items inside the walls of their condos.  Remember that Association insurance does not cover any of these items.
  • If one of your exterior lightbulbs needs replacement, please contact AMI or a board member.  All exterior lights here should be consistent for color and brightness, using only the standard Manor Home bulb.   
  • Protect your Sewer Lines: proper disposal of wipes, oil, grease, paint, gasoline, battery acids: https://troymi.gov/departments/public_works/water_and_sewer/index.php

Rev. Sept 2020