Thank you for visiting the website for The Manor Homes of Troy Condominium Association. This is a new web site and it will undergo updates as we develop it. We hope that you'll find it helpful in a number of ways such as for document retrieval, sending out emails to all email registered co-owners, and more. We welcome your feedback about the site.

The Manor Homes Condo Association is a community consisting of 107 units located in a desirable area of northern Troy, Michigan.  Our community is special to us because it’s the place we call home and its people are our neighbors and part of the Manor Homes family.  We put a lot of work into it every day and get even more out of it as the years go by.  We take care of our community with pride and we all make sure that it is well managed and maintained.

Your association board, which is comprised of a group of volunteers, is invested in addressing the wants and needs of your community. Association Management Inc. (AMI), your management company, is paid with your association dues and provides the professional services to take care of your home and surrounding grounds.  This helps to maintain the value of your home and protect your investment here.

If, as a visitor or a property owner, you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us. You will find a form on the "Contact Us" page that you can use to let us know how we can assist. You can also contact AMI as noted below.

Association Management, Inc. (AMI) - Phone: 586-739-6001

Matt Snyder, Community Manager

Kelly Terrell, Management Coordinator

Work orders:  workorders@amicondos.com


Emergency / After Hours:  586-739-6001  (follow the phone prompts to reach the after-hours service)

To submit a work order please click the following link to be taken to AMI’s new website work order submission page: https://amicondos.com/work-order-request/